Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Delicious Design Studio - DON'T

I as a trusting soul - went with my daughter's suggestion to contact Delicious Design Studios for a site she and I were HOPING and PLANNING to have up and running by spring at the LATEST. Well - with Delicious Design Studios - that was WISHFUL thinking. In good faith - I submitted a very detailed request for proposal through the Delicious Design Studios website - and magically within hours had a quote back for $1,125 - which how amazing is that - when I said my budget top-side was $1,200????

Aaannnyywaaay - Jess messages back with her Paypal request for the 50% deposit of $562.50 to 'get into the schedule' for spring and summer as the Delicious Design Studios schedule is filling up - I BET IT IS - with other trusting souls who send money for Delicious Design Studio hip and cool designs - which they are if you can get one out of her. I proceed to pay Jess immediately that night - putting my faith out into the universe that this is a legitimate and trustworthy design site to get involved with. NOT

Over four months later - and TONS of emails with MAYBE 3 emails back - which were ONLY in response to my ongoing request for a timeline, update, status check, etc. etc. ad nauseam - we STILL have NO design. After much consternation - I was able to get an April 14 delivery date for mockups. That date has obviously come and gone.

So - I have now requested a refund of my deposit - we'll see how THAT goes. So, my advice to you - as a professional marketer who has been doing this for over 25 years - go with your gut. I WANTED to get references before shelling out over $500 bucks to this 25-year old who runs her business like a hobby vs. a real business, and didn't against my 18-year old's comments about me not being trusting enough. Weeeellllllll - guess who also learned a lesson in this unfortunate situation - my 18-year old who thought Delicious Design Studios did 'such cool designs' - yeah, they would be cute if they could deliver.

I just don't want others to rely on her for any serious business related requests, because I GUARANTEE you will be unnecessarily disappointed and feel RIPPED OFF.