Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Delicious Design Studio - Victim #3

Another Delicious Design Fatality - This is BEYOND HEINOUS - it's downright DISHONEST the way Jess is taking people's money with either NO commitment for when they will get anything from her - or she IS saying she will provide something by a date that comes and goes with NO explanation or apology - or re-commitment to complete the work. PATHETIC - JESS, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF AND THE WAY YOU ARE TREATING ALL OF THE TRUSTING WOMEN WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR HARD-EARNED MONEY TO to get NOTHING in exchange from YOU.

Case In Point #2
Marci H.'s Feedback
Danville, IN - May 11, 2009
Holy crap! I am another Delicious Designs victim!!!! :) How many emails did it take to get your money back? I'm going on 1,000+...or so it feels like. Ridiculous, unprofessional...I could go on. Jess, keeps telling me how unfair I am being...I've lost thousands of dollars worth of orders. I am confused. How is it unfair to ask for my money back when I paid for a 2 week rush project on March 6th and it is now May 11th?? I finally told her that she is being served court papers tomorrow morning if I don't received the amount in full by tonight. DRAMA!!!!!!

More Casualties to Delicious Design Studio - Web Design Rip Off Charades

Well I have had two more victims reach out to me this week about their UNFORTUNATE financial and customer experience with Delicious Design Studio and their hip cool web design projects. I actually don't think ANYONE has received ANY MONEY back from Jess at Delicious Design Studio. She may just be saving it up for the court fees she is about to rack up if she doesn't return the money fast. All of us are getting together to pursue damages if our moneys are not returned to us pronto.

Case In Point #1
Christy "sogroovynow" W.'s Feedback
May 12, 2009
I'm in the same boat as most everyone else here except the lucky two who received a refund. It is exactly as Jennifer C. described; you pay your money not realizing that you are basically agreeing to let her take AS LONG AS SHE LIKES to complete your design! At first glance, you do feel like you will receive a mock up in 6-12 weeks but that ain't happening. I paid in January and was on a list to be completed in February; she has since changed her waiting list to general times (Spring, Summer, Fall) rather than specific months. I am listed as "summer." I started out asking nicely for a refund, she doesn't want to give it, she tells you that you agreed to give her an indefinite amount of time to finish...I finally was promised a mock up by this past Saturday, which she and I both knew she wasn't going to do, and I did not get. I am very unhappy and this was no small amount of change that I could use now! Someone who has designed for me in the past took time off and is back now, and I wish I had been patient. And it doesn't help that this designer has a Twitter account whereby we are given details of what she is doing which is NOT working on that huge waiting list she has! Her tweets clearly indicate LuRae is correct - she treats her business like a hobby.